Useful Links

Conference 2014:

Following on from our conference in March and a very inspirational talk from Elaine Miller aka ‘The Gusset Gripper’ there is a Facebook group dedicated for professionals dealing with pelvic/continence disorders. It is a closed group so you will need to request to join but very welcoming. There are a large number of professionals on here but no osteopaths. Let’s change this and get involved.

Andrew Stanley gave us an interesting talk on podiatry and an insight on how he approaches patients. Kathryn Elliot became a convert after seeing things for herself. Andrew is happy to have people visit his workshop if you would like further information.

Conference 2013:

During the conference 2013 this website was mentioned during the talk on Gluten – ‘primal living’


Here are also a couple of useful websites that have been suggested in the past: