Have You Registered Your Clinic?

In the recent copy of the iO magazine there was a good article on helping your website get found, one of the main points was about links. A link is simply the way a website points towards another website, ie your link from the GOsC to your website, not all links are equal though and Google only likes relevant links pointing to your site.

What is a useful link? anything that is relevant and can add value to the internet user, It’s all about experience. For example, there is little use in having a link from Autotrader, but a link from a back pain directory site or membership organisation would be useful.

The NCSO has a directory for its members: you can add your clinic details and it is another way for patients to find you and get in contact, have you listed your details?



There are many advantages and a simple internet search will bring up countless reasons to have a back link from another site, here is are some to consider:

Increased online visibility

It helps your online SEO.

Membership to recognised sites gives professional recognition and social validation.

Currently there are 4 clinics listed on the NCSO, I’m sure there’s more members than that.

If you need to measure how your site stands up, clink the link and download the website checklist.