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Dorothy Griffiths | Society President

Osteopath – Preston

Dorothy works hard to keep us in the know on all things to do with changes in standards, rules etc and the impact it will have on us. She represents the regional group and provides in depth feedback to us all at meetings. She takes our opinions and presents them back when we request. Not only this, but Dorothy has great skills in providing entertaining and informative introductions to all our guest speakers.

Chris Huyton | Treasurer

​Osteopath – Leeds​

Keeping us within or even under budget, Chris looks after the finances of the organisation. Don’t ask him for a drink though, the budget will not stretch that far!

Kathryn Elliott | Secretary

Osteopath – Knaresborough

A little shy with Photos but one of the most approachable people you will meet. Kathryn will always give you a warm welcome at any meetings. However, works tirelessly throughout the year to provide a full, interesting and entertaining conference each year.

To sign up to the conference contact us.

Katie Brewster | Conference Secretary

Osteopath – Keighley

The life and soul of the party as well as a wealth of knowledge all things osteopathic. Working with Kathryn and John to make each years conference the best it can be.

John Brewster | Conference Committee

Osteopath – Keighley

The other half to the wiz of the brother and sister team both in their practice in Keighley but also in all matters NSCO conference.

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