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Second OPACA Symposium Presented by Ashley Stafford

The Osteopathic Voice “Harmony only dwells where obstructions do not exist.” A T Still

Sunday 15th October 10.30 -17.00 at The Royal Northern College of Music – 124 Oxford Road, MANCHESTER M13 9RD

A practical and experiential workshop for osteopaths with a special interest in the power of the voice, which when used to its full potential has the capacity to open us up, allow what we are and what is within and what is beyond to come through and be expressed in our work and in our lives. Ashley believes that it is not enough for us simply to be there for our patients, Osteopathy is a path of growth for everyone of us too.

This full day’s programme will include practical work with body- breath-voice relationship: exploration of the diaphragms and the relationship between primary and thoracic respiration and the many

influences upon the functionality of the voice from head to toe. It will include a review of the anatomy and neurology of the vocal apparatus and demonstrations of Ashley at work with 2 singers.

Participants will leave with a clear view of how to approach the voice of the patient osteopathically and with minimum trauma in the interventions. They will start on the path of seeing with their ears and hearing with their eyes.

Ashley Stafford, (singer, teacher, osteopath) has combined 40 years of professional practical experience as a singer with the osteopathic principles underpinning 23 years in practice, to develop courses and workshops aimed at awakening an awareness in each individual of how their body would really like to breathe, move and express: to become their Instrument for Life.

Cost £80 OPACA Members £105 Non Members (includes buffet lunch). To book online please go to our website: www.opaca.co.uk.

OPACA is being set up to foster a uniquely Osteopathic perspective of treating performing artists, and aims to encourage new ideas and offer mutual support. New members are welcome.

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